The World As We Know It!

Hello Guys!

I just wanted to know if you guys also know what was happening to the world. Several unbelievable things happened recently. Weather changes a lot, it seems it is the usual thing but its not. I wanted to believe in to myself that this is not what we all know it is but I am thinking that this is manipulated by someone, no, not someone, but them. I just yet to find out and gather some proof of evidence. I just want you guys to be aware of what is happening. Government are thinking the same thing, though opposite to what I am thinking.

Also Read Typhoon Yolanda that destroys several parts of the Philippines Visayas region.

As for me, I will be okay for some identifications rather than having a tattoo in my right hand or in my forehead. That’s crazy. I know I may be out of tune but you will notice later what I am trying to tell you guys here.

And for the recent happenings, I just can’t believe that, I just can’t recall the exact location where it is really occurred, but, for my own thoughts, its crazy. I can’t believe that happen without her knowledge. Do you guys really believe it? Insemination, right? But if its not the way I think it is, is it really possible without having sex?

 For all I know, it just happen for a reason, for some people to think and to obey them. But please, beware. never accept anything from the government without thinking a couple hundred times if this is a trick or not.

For now I can’t really tell what I am trying to tell but telling you guys what I told you earlier will give you some clues you wanted to know.

I think I am morphing my blog into something else. Till next time.

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