Elastic Email – The Best Email Marketing Platform for 2019.

Hello there! Are you still on the hunt, trying to find out the best email marketing platform today? Trust me, you’re on the right track. Make sure to continue reading until the end to find out who’s the best.

It’s been a while since I last updated this site. The last time I talk about Elastic Email, is when they are still currently offering free 5000 emails per day or 150,000 emails per month to all users who sign up before September, this year (2018).

Yes, you read it right – Elastic Email. Whether you are new to email marketing or you’re and advanced email marketer, Elastic Email has the tools for handling all your email marketing needs.

If you’re still new to Elastic Email and created an account just to get free 5000 emails per day, that’s not gonna happen because the old pricing plan is no longer available as they recently changed their pricing plans.

“We no longer offer 150,000 free mail a month. You may check our new pricing here: https://elasticemail.com/pricing

You may ask how much they offer to send emails in free trial plan? The answer is that you’ll still be able to send up to 100 emails per day – for free. Yes, you read it right!

What about sending more than 100 emails per day, is that possible? Now that is a very good question. If you want to send more than the allowable free emails daily, you need to purchase any of the plan that they offer. Currently, you can choose between Unlimited (Regular/Pro) Monthly Plan and Pay As You Go (EmailAPI Regular/Pro) Plans.

For Unlimited (Regular) Monthly Plan, you can send unlimited emails with all the core marketing features. If you need an elite marketing tools, you just need to upgrade to Unlimited (Pro) Monthly Plan.

For Pay As You Go (EmailAPI Regular) Plan, it allows you to use their template editor/gallery to create your emails and allow you to upload your contacts lists and then call those from the API.

Now here’s the exciting part – most of the time, upon reading these informations, we tend to sign up right away. After signing up, we tried to send “test” emails to ensure our mails goes out successfully without even trying to complete filling up profile information, domain validation, etc. Yes, it’s true and correct me if I’m wrong but you’re one of them!

With Elastic Email, you will be able to send your mails for up to 100 emails daily and send them directly to recipient’s inboxes. You read it right. Impossible? No! The only thing you need to do is secure your domain for validation or should I say, you must’ve had a website with  working double opt-in subscription form.

Why do we need this things? Those things are very crucial in inboxing your mails. When we send our emails, we always put our email address, e.g. alteryhudzx@altervista.org as our mailfrom address but note that it’s not enough and it does not end from there. Once your mail is sent out, recipient server’s will verify your mails if it is properly configured and validated.

Now since you will be using Elastic Email services to send your mails, and by signing up, you abide the terms, the rules and the Company’s usage policies, you need to add a domain to your account and validate it with Elastic Email‘s SPF/DKIM records. The reason why they highly recommend validating your domain is to help your mails delivered directly to recipient’s inboxes.

So for example, if I’m gonna be sending alteryhudzx@altervista.org as my mailfrom address, I need to ensure that the domain “altervista.org” is validated with their SPF/DKIM records.

One more thing, it doesn’t end there. There are still times that your mails goes directly to recipient’s spam/junk folders and you will contact support and ask:

“I have validated my domain with your records and still, may mails goes to spam?”

There are several factors why mails ends up in spam/junk folders. These are the following:

  • Your sender domain must be properly validated with SPF and DKIM, and cannot be blacklisted
  • Your lists – how do you gather your email lists? Sending mails to purchased/old/scraped email lists is a big NO.
  • Email content – you keep on asking support to resolve the issue (mails in spam) but you are sending spammy emails.  Hmmmmn.
  • Mails should not contain any blacklisted links.

There’s a lot of things that Elastic Email can do to help you business prosper, but you also need to abide the company’s Terms and Usage Policies.

I’m glad you read this far. If you like what you read and wanted to try Elastic Email services, make sure you sign up below before closing this out. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

Sign Up here.

For questions, just let us know or better yet contact Elastic Email support HERE.

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