COVID-19 is now pandemic and everybody is having a hard time containing the virus.

Several countries implemented a lockdown but not until a series of individuals had been infected already.
Most of them are implementing ‘social distancing’ to prevent body contact, avoiding someone especially if the person is coughing.

There’s a lot of things going on while the government is trying to fight and contain the virus.

Some people use the Internet by way of emails and spreading information that COVID-19 can infect you by viewing an email and that they offer a couple of face masks to avoid this.


Make no mistake, after reading all the contents, you will be asked to click to a particular button to make an order but that’s when the scamming happens.
The scammers are trying to pose as CDC or some representative from Red Cross – please bear in mind that these agencies do not and never ask for any donation through an individual. They never email everyone.

If they have information, they post this on their website but never email everybody trying to ask some donations, so please, beware of those scammers.

While we are trying to contain, they’re out there trying to cheat us. Please, keep safe everyone!

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