The Simplest Way In Becoming A Computer Technician.



Getting your first job as an entry level computer technician could be very difficult. This is the reality especially for someone who has no experience in troubleshooting some pcs. The job markets for computer technicians were very crowded and there are several individuals trying to get in. Before you decide to market yourself, you need to gain an edge.
Learn Where To Find Answers
Being a good technician doesn’t mean knowing all the answers of any computer problems but it does also mean knowing where to find them. Search engine like that of Google is your key to success in troubleshooting some computer problems. Putting some quotes around a specific error message and searching for it will usually lead you to several helpful articles to fix it.
Assembling A Computer
If you wanted to be a computer technician then you may need to learn how to build a computer from the bottom up. Even if you don’t have enough money, you may put together any spare parts you may find. You have to fire it up or be able to boot it up and install any operating system that you might think be more friendly to you (Windows, Linux). You will be doing some of this things when you finally become a tech.
Breaking A Computer
Not physically though, but feel free to destroy your Windows installation and then attempt to repair it. I learn a lot when I do experience troubleshooting problems and so will you. Just make sure that you have your disk (Windows Installation Disks, Recovery Disks) and a good backup first.
Go To School
Some techs don’t mind being at home since being a technician is not always about being in school but I do learn it first hand in school. Even if you don’t want to go into any four year program, at least, it might be of help in enrolling in any tech school.   Most offer two year programs and have lots of hands on experience.
Working Free of Charge
Yeah right, work for them free of charge. You may have to volunteer whenever there is an opportunity available whether it would be in school or at your friends’ house. Not only will you need those experiences, but you also need something to put on your resume and you’ll never know, one of these opportunities could eventually turn into a real job.
On your free time, feel free to study. You may read tech books, tech blogs, search about computer problems with answers how to really troubleshoot them, and anything else you can get your hands on. Study some computer acronyms and know what they mean.
Accept Any Offer
Apply for every entry level tech job that you may find. And if you’d able to get that offer, take it. It is very competitive and at this point you just need to get your foot in the door.  After you gain some experience, you can always move on to something better.
Following these tips doesn’t guarantee you a job, but they are sure help to everyone who might wanted to be a computer technician.
If you are already a technician, please feel free to add your own tips.