How To Permanently Activate Your Copy Of MS Office Professional Plus 2010 with Guide


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Have you ever wondered how to activate your Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 version software without the installer CD and its key? Without activating your copy of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010  you will encounter some problems opening, editing, modifying and saving documents. Sometimes, the main man in-charge for it is the one who we ask for their services to fix our computers, may it be a desktop or a laptop.

Yes, you’re right, I am talking about computer technicians. After reformatting our computers, we may ask them or we don’t need to ask them if they include the Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 to their formatting package. Although most technician always includes the package, they also might forget to update or activate the Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 installed in our computer.

When the time comes that we do something on one of the applications from Microsoft Office, and encountered some activation notifications, saying that we need to activate our copy of Microsoft Office to perform the full control of its service, this will give us problem knowing we don’t have a copy of the product/serial key with us.

We don’t need to call of course the service of the technician since we know calling them and have it fix would allow them to receive another payment for their services, which they already should secure when they install the software right from the start.

So, how can we do it by ourselves?

This tutorial will guide you through it.

How To Permanently Activate the MS Office Professional Plus 2010
Three Simple Steps to Success  
Serial Key of MS Office Professional Plus 2010

Activation ID of MS office Professional Plus 2010
390332 813364 451676 755173 989481 565216 653673 120421

    1) Open MS office word. Then open File Tab…  
     Then Click on HELP tab. Same as the picture below.

    2) After opening HELP tab. Click on CHANGE PRODUCT KEY like the picture below.

Enter the Product/Serial Key.

The key was- GRMK2-8Y649-JR6YB-XJXVW-XTP8P
Like In the photo below

Then Click on Continue and then Click on INSTAL NOW tab.

After that RESTART your computer.

3) When you have restarted your computer open MS office word.
When you have opened MS Word a new window opened. The window was to ACTIVATE your MS office Professional Plus 2010. A window has two Options to ACTIVATE your MS Office Professional Plus 2010 online or with Telephone. Then there is option to location/country. Select PHILIPPINES and entered an Activation ID of MS office Professional Plus 2010-390332  813364 451676 755173 989481 565216 653673 120421

When you have successfully entered the Activation ID of MS office Professional Plus 2010 and select the Next tab And A new window will be open and MS office Professional Plus 2010 will get ACTIVATED permanently.

RESTART your computer.  After you have restarted your computer,  you have permanently




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  1. Hello Friend, I have tried various activators, Microsoft Tool Kit 2.5.3 and 2.6.5 and my activation fails typically saying blocked. Do you have any suggestions? I am not sure if it is because I am using keys that have been used thousands of times, but I don't have a key generator. I also prefer to avoid a task write to renew every so many cycles. If you can help=thanks.

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