How To Prevent Tornadoes From Causing Severe Damages In Our Community?

Tornado – observed and defines as a violently rotating column of air that is in contact with both the earth’s surface and a certain cumulonimbus cloud or in a a cumulus cloud but its only rare. They are often called to as twisters or cyclones, and we call it on our own dialect “buhawi”. Tornadoes differ in many shapes and sizes, but they are form in a visible funnel, whose narrow end touches the earth and is often encircled by a cloud of debris and dust. Most tornadoes have wind speeds less than 110 miles per hour, about 200 – 250 feet across, and travel a several kilometers before dissipating. The most extreme tornadoes can attain wind speeds more than 483 kilometers per hour, stretch more than 3 kilometers across, and stay on the ground for dozens of miles.
We all know that no other weather phenomenon can match the fury and its destructive power. But have you consider doing something like you want it to stop with a blink of an eye? Yes, I may sound crazy but for all we know, there are some scientists out there, chasing this kind of phenomenon when it appears, trying to collect things that might be of help. Scientists, experimenting things about tornadoes or twisters or spouts or buhawi as we call it or whatever you guys call it, to find and develop early warning signals to avoid this destructive phenomenon.

We should give credits to those scientists who are chasing this tornadoes to gather data’s and some eventually, lost their lives, in action.
I am doing this to tell you guys what I called an incident, maybe you might tell me that what I am saying in here were a hoax since I have nothing to present to backup what I wanted to tell.
A particular place, specifically in the province of Zamboanga del Norte, an occurrence like this is very rare. We know about tornadoes since we already saw it on movies. We know about tornadoes since we always heard and watch international news specially in the US were tornadoes frequently occurs.
But how can we stop this things?
Can we stop this phenomenon from occurring in any place?
I have only one thing in my mind, we can prevent it from occurring and prevent it to create any more damage to our environment and household belongings.
Maybe you might say, this guy’s really crazy. No one knows how to stop it. Right.
But, I wanted you guys to read on.
Once, in my early years, I had been a witness of a rare occurrence of a tornado and how it occurs from a cumulonimbus cloud. I notice how it formed a visible funnel which narrow ends wanted to touch the sea water.  My elders were running fast onto the shore and cutting the visible funnel with this fingers in a scissor shape. I do what they do. To my amazement, the visible funnel is slowly disappearing. Yes, you might say that it may be a coincidence that it disappears slowly when they do the cutting using the scissor like shape using only their fingers.
I could also tell, that it might had been a coincidence. But I had read too many articles about tornadoes that it will disappears only after a couple of hours, which maybe after the destructive touch on the face of the earth and what it came in front to them.
But there are some rare occurrence of tornadoes, which I also do what my folks been doing when I first saw it and yes, it is really working. It might like an old preventive techniques that my elders knew when they are young. They might notice that it really works and had introduced it to us. My mother even told me that several times in her younger years that they saw an occurrence of tornado, but since it occurs above the water, I told her its a water spout. What they do to prevent it to touch the water is to do what her parents and elders told her. And yes, it really works. Cutting the visible funnel using only their bare hands.
Now, I can suggest that how about doing it also in times a tornado occurs in your place. I am strongly believe that there’s no harm in trying. Maybe you might say its a waste of time to do some stuff like this. But, what if it works when you do what I am saying. I am a witness, and been doing it ever since this phenomenon occurs. And its worked. Yes. Its really working.
I told you, there’s no harm in trying. Yes, I could tell that you, yes, you, will laugh at me about this article I’ve been making. Maybe you will tell me that I am just doing this to gain more readers. But no, I believe I am telling the truth. You can try it for yourself.
Here’s what you gonna do:
1. When a tornado occurs and you can visible see that funnel, just cut it with your hands using your fingers.
      Do it until it will disappears. I am telling you, it won’t take long to have it disappear in the middle of its
      action. You can save lives, you can save properties.
2. If its too late to do that and it comes nearer and nearer to you, just find a safe place in the house (although
     I know that its not safe to be in the house unless its built to prevent more damage from a tornado).
3. If you’re lucky, you’re house still up and the tornado just passing by, do the trick that I’ve told you here.
      You will be amazed how and what is in it that it can make a tornado disappear within a couple of minutes
      using nothing but your fingers.
4. If by chance, you believe in me. I am very thankful to you by believing in what I am telling you guys here.
      It really works and just spread the word.
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