Tips in Building Blog Reputation Online

Blogging is no longer limited to people who do blogging and share their personal stories and experiences online. Publishing a blog could also mean a serious income especially for those who are looking to make profits out of making websites or blogs through free web hosting sites like WordPress, Blogger, Freewebs and
Blogging is not enough if you want to establish your name as a blogger. In fact today, if you’re dealing with some financial topics, you want to make sure that you maintain the online reputation of your blogs.
Why Keep A Good Reputation?
There are several reasons why you need to maintain a positive reputation in the internet mainstream. Your reason solely for blogging is to have more traffic directed into your site and must gain positive feed backs from the reading populace. Receiving bad comments is not going to work for you and could affect your blogging reputation.
Aside from the traffic that you want to generate, as for me, I trade my name, and since my name was attached to my blog, anything that’s being said against me, would reflect my writings. This is the other reason why a blog owner hide their names on their blogs.
Blogs are known these days to the public as an avenue for companies, who want to showcase what they have. Companies hire bloggers to have a thorough review of their products and giving a positive overall opinion despite of some criticisms within the copy
            1. SOCIAL MEDIA – Having a lot of friends, followers, and fans on social media would increase the possibilities of having new readers on your blogs through your network that is associated with your friends’. Other than the traffic that you could generate when you share your blog contents on social media sites, this can also gauge the popularity of it. Putting an idea, behavior or styles, can also get people more interested about your blog especially when you answer some inquiries from your fans and followers, like on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or in any other social media venue.
             2. Search Engine Optimization – Search Engine Optimization is an organic means of reaching top results pages with the use of keywords and back links. If you are going to write a content that is more than 500 words including photos, videos, and relative keywords; it is easier for that post to be indexed by Google. With two (2) billion internet users mostly using Google as its main search engine, it is a good idea to follow the algorithm and be able to dominate the rankings.
            3. Regularly Updating The Blog – Updating the content of your blog more often could develop regular readers who would visit your blog every now and then. From here, you create a positive outlook on your writing skills not to mention the reputation of your blog.
            4. Writing Contents For Free – There are several bloggers that involved in the financial niche and other related topics that involve making money. Some of them are actually not putting insiders information which could stir the interest of their readers. If you seriously want to have a good online reputation, it is about bringing in a precious information.
            For instance, discussing thoroughly an entry about the ins and outs of trading platforms for investors can actually get your site the popularity you want to have. The approach may differ but the bottom line however is that, it’s a matter of knowing and giving the missing information and feeding it to your readers and followers online.