Activator for Permanent MS Office 2010 Pro Plus Activation (Updated)

Download Activator Here.

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This post has been updated. Links are now removed. If you want to have the activator, just leave you comments below.

How to use:
1. Download the activator through the image (Christmas Bonus) above or thru the link.
2. Unrar or unpack.
3. When the application window is already open, click on the “OFFICE ICON”.
4. Click on the second tab in the Application window and click EZ Activator.

5. Wait for the activator to do its job. When done, you can see a confirmation message that your copy of MS Office has already been activated.
6. Click Ok.
7. Close the activator.
8. Check your Office copy if its already been activated by opening any MS Office application (Word, Excel, etc.)
9. If you weren’t able to do it, repeat step 4.

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