How to Permanently Activate Windows 7 Operating System

How to Permanently Activate Windows 7 Operating System

Activating Windows 7 Operating System overview:

We can activate any copy of windows 7 operating system by using the original installer approach. Activating Windows 7 operating system, is a bit tricky to some who didn’t know how to unless otherwise, with the help of those who have the knowledge in doing so (maintenance or IT technicians, etc).

Someone else ask me if I could activate permanently their copy of windows 7 operating system. I said, it depends on how he want it to be activated. I give him several information regarding the benefits he can get when activating his copy of Windows 7 Operating System using a licensed copy of the installer, and it seems he is interested to purchase his original copy of the Operating System – which of course, I am happy about.

I’m wondering if there’s any other way to activate the operating system aside from using a genuine or original copy of Windows 7 OS installer, which can only be bought from specific websites and local shops that were given the appropriate rights to sell the Windows installer CD’s and DVDs.

I do have the software that could activate my own copy of the operating system that I am running, but I only use it for educational purposes and do not intend to send them to anyone who will use it for their personal reasons.

I have known a lot of Computer Technicians and out of ten, only two or three were having the genuine installers, the rest, let just put it this way; I can’t buy that software since I don’t have money so I will try to find any recourse to have it for free. Right!

As for me, there are some activated operating system out there (I prefer to buy the genuine installer from accredited windows shops local or on-line), that can be downloaded from a particular websites that has been monetized but most of them will ask you to pay some bucks, maybe $1 to $5, I don’t know, depending on the owners.

With some looking to get their copy activated, I can help activate it and avail all the rights and privileges of the software, but its good to have the genuine one which can be bought online or in your local stores authorized to sell the OS installers.

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