Super Typhoon Yolanda (Update)

Several reliefs from all over the world came to help the victims of the families which was hit by the wrath of Super Typhoon Yolanda, the first ever, in the history of the Philippines, that strong, that big.

I am very sad to see the places and people, through online and covers from different national television stations which, inch by inch, crushes, crumpled, breaks, dead, any worst description one could ever imagine, the worst ever, the worst ever, ever faced by the Philippines.

I just couldn’t think how those brokenhearted people, even me, couldn’t think how to build or to start anew, from that devastation. Our deepest sympathy to those who, try to survive from the wrath of Super Typhoon Yolanda, didn’t able to do so. I know, by now, they’re happy to where they are.

To the families who, are able to survive, and to those families who weren’t and to those part of the family who weren’t able to survive, we can work it out. We can find ways to survive. Like the previous catastrophes, Filipinos are very strong in everything we do, to survive. Just stay with HIM and pray. It helps us a lot. This is just a test to our Faith. Let HIM be and always, the center in our lives during these terrible times.

In behalf of my fellow Filipinos, I would like to ask anyone, everyone and encourage everybody, who, can give anything, heartily given, in any kind, which would be of help for my fellow Filipinos. My fellow Filipinos, which was hit by Yolanda, is really in need of the following:

1. Water.
2. Medicines.
3. Foods
4. Clothes.
5. Shirts/Coats
6. Mats/Blankets
7. Slippers

I would like to extend my/our sincerest THANK YOU to all the people, organizations, heads of each countries, who give their efforts to help us. We really appreciate all your efforts.

If there’s an error about everything I’ve said, I am sorry. I just couldn’t think of a very good idea to help my fellow countrymen who were devastated by the wrath of the Super Typhoon Yolanda.

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