Remembering Francis “Kiko” Magalona thru KALEIDOSCOPE WORLD

Remembering Francis M. alias “Kiko”

One of the most remarkable video ever to be produce this year. Imagine the father and his son appearing in one video shot eighteen (18) years apart which exactly happened in a rehashed music video featuring Elmo Magalona and his late father Francis M performing the latter’s hit song “Kaleidoscope World”.
Excerpt from Yahoo! Philippines OMG
According to Mrs. Pia Magalona, she’s beyond please to see the end-product of the collaboration.
“With this video, when it was presented to me for Elmo to make a tribute, I was apprehensive because I didn’t want it to come out bad,” she told Yahoo! Philippines OMG! “The video has achieved a tug at my heart. It has surpassed what I has expected in terms of quality.”
The time machine of a video became a hit a few hours after it was uploaded by Oishi.
A sentimental Pia told Yahoo! Philippines OMG! that seeing his son and late husband together brought some memories at a time when doing a music video two decades back was no easy task.
“When we were making music videos back then, it was unheard of. There was never any budget for it from the label so we had to come up with it.”
“Out of the many songs of Francis M, we had less than five music videos, I think. This song in particular was very anthemic because it deals with diversity and with encouraging everyone to unite, so it’s a good thing there’s enough footage to be used so he could be brought in to be with his dad.”
For the mother of eight, she and the iconic Master Rapper agreed that each of the songs he wrote should be taken care of like their own children.
“We treated his songs like our children, but we never played favorites. Just like children, you would like it to go on forever, on to the next generation.”
Pia also related that the song was particularly inspired because it speaks of creating a world of diversity, peace and unity: “Our concerns was, of course, bringing up our children. That’s why he wrote such song because we wouldn’t like them growing up in such a bad environment.”
The message was so personal, it even translated in the video. On the top shot of the video, then months-old Elmo is seen carried by Pia as the rest of their five kids (Maxene, Saab, Frank, Unna, and Nicolo) are scattered on the floor.
The new video shows the old and the new generation of Magalonas collaborating with the same message that’s relevant to this day. It even shows Francis M’s parents, the late actors Tita Duran and Pancho Magalona.
“When you look at his songs now, it’s ageless, it is timeless because it still applies to now. All the complaints are still the same.”
“His legacy is mostly about the songs he wrote that are to do with our country and our culture. We always find a way for this to go on so the Filipino people will not forget what Francis M has done before.”
In life and in death, FRANCIS M’s music lives on.
Sir Francis “Kiko” M lives on.