FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament Update: Les Blues Wins Against Team Canada Clinched Ticket to Rio Olympics.

Tony Parker’s French National Team Les Blues easily handed the needed win to clinched ticket to Rio.

Tony Parker could hear the fans chanting his name everywhere he went, even after Les Bleus of France easily won the game against Team Canada.

Several crowds gathered near the area and they showed Tony their adulation as the San Antonio superstar answered interviews both in French and in English.

“They showed me a lot of love. I feel like a rock star here in the Philippines. It’s unbelievable,” Parker said after the game.

He repaid the crowd of screaming fans outside the MOA Arena, who were kept at bay by railings, and started signing autographs.

The San Antonio Spurs versatile point guard led Les Bleus, against Team Canada, with 26 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists for his best game of the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament, to cliched a ticket to Rio.

Parker said that he wanted his team to keep going which made him so aggressive in the 4th quarter.

“I’m so happy I wanted to keep it going. I just wanna make sure we go to Rio,” he said.

Parker was asked if he would come back to the Philippines which showed him its passion for the game, Tony promised he’d be back to Philippines next year.

“Of course, I wanna come back here,” he said. “We’re gonna do a tour here next summer and I will definitely be back.”

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